New Insights into Operations

Surveys let managers better understand the expectation of their customers. Current customer feedback tools only provide broad statements on service outcomes with limited information on what the customer cares about or how to improve. Our Intelligent Surveys are dynamically linked to your customer’s experience. You can ask questions about the specific location, the items purchased, the person that helped your customer, and more.  Our reporting covers overall customer satisfaction as well as how other elements of their experience correlate, thus pinpointing areas that are working and areas for improvement.

Real Time POS Integration
AfterWords interfaces each customer’s sales transaction detail with their survey and makes it available to you, your managers, and your customers immediately.

Experience Based Questioning
With AfterWords you control your survey questions. Due to capturing the sales transaction detail, you can ask customers about the specific products they bought, or the staff member that helped them, or the specific location.

Systematic Sampling
Increase survey conversion by using trace information related to each transaction and only asking some questions to those who have had qualifying experiences


Customer Retention
AfterWords will route a negative survey response alert directly to your manager, while terminating the rest of the survey for the customer. Your manager can act swiftly to resolve the situation and recover the customer.

Loyalty and Perception Indexes
In addition to establishing a traditional Loyalty Index (or Net Promoter Score), AfterWords also delivers a Perception Index indicating customer opinions on specific people, products and places. This helps you specifically know what is working or what needs improvement.

Discover What Your Customers Really Think
Traditional customer surveys are not very timely and only provide general feedback. AfterWords’ Intelligent Surveys provide real-time feedback about each customer’s unique experience.

Improved Customer Retention

By integrating sales transaction detail and survey questions in real-time, our Intelligent Surveys identify customer issues quickly (via manager alerts) and provide added insight to optimize recovery. When recovery opportunities are identified, we let you know in real time. AfterWords incorporates innovative customer recovery alerts so that you can immediately respond to customer concerns.