AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Removed tabs from Scale Explorer report and added comment tooltip to the survey grid under the chart

    • Added comment icon to Surveys, Recoveries, Customer Recovery Value grids if any comments were present

    • Contact email and phone number will open native email/phone support on Survey Details report

    • Renamed ‘Recovery Log’ to ‘Notes’ in Survey Details report and allow saving of multiple Notes

  • Portal

    • Added new tuner option in Items list to filter only on ungrouped items

    • Reporting Index selection is now required for Item Rating and Rating scale types

    • Simplified user creation by combining Scope/Store/Permission Group selectors into single selection

    • Automatically assign scores to newly created scales that contribute to a reporting index

    • Simplification of Provider setup

Bug Fixes

  • Several UI fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed issue where bars no longer appear in Scale Explorer report after the chart was hidden

  • Fixed issue where tooltip in Main/Loyalty/Perception reports would disappear if hovered over

  • Fixed UI issues in report rendering when switching between landscape and portrait mode on tablets