AfterWords is now live in production.


Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Added expand/collapse group functionality to Group Scores report

    • Added ability to hide/show charts on reports that have charts and grids

  • Portal

    • Campaign Preview tab will always render full Campaign instead of current scope

    • Allow SMS Phone number to be updated from User edit form

    • Newly created Promoter Rating scales will have defaulted choice labels, reporting index and scores automatically set

  • Survey

    • Moved Not Applicable and Add Comment links outside of ellipses menu so they are always visible

Bug Fixes

  • Several UI enhancements

  • Fixed issue where users with only one assigned Permission could not access any pages

  • Fixed issue where Choice Display field in scale maintenance was always visible

  • Fixed issue where ‘?’ was not considered a valid special character on the Change Password form in Profile pages

  • Fixed issue where user would still receive Alert notifications for stores they were no longer actively assigned to

  • Fixed issue where archiving demographic list items would reset the Slicer value

  • Fixed issue on survey where selected choice text was not displayed for Promoter Rating scale

  • Fixed issue on survey where vertical scrolling was not smooth on mobile devices