AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Survey

    • Optimized receipt fetch to check internal storage as well as Cloud POS and return data from whichever is fastest

  • Portal

    • Manage Alerts

      • Alerts are now grouped by Event for multi-store users

      • Add ability to select/deselect all Alerts for the store or event

      • Added display of total alerts selected for each store or event

      • Filtered list of events to only include non-reporting only events

    • User Preferences

      • Removed ‘Notification preference’ field and made phone number optional

      • Renamed ‘Phone number’ to ‘International phone number’

      • Removed the ‘+’ prefix from phone number entry


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected incorrect stores returned in Manage Alerts if user has ‘Assign to any’ permission

  • Corrected response rate calculations in Group Scores report

  • Corrected error in Product Scores report when user’s Default Reporting Campaign does not include an Item Rating scale

  • Corrected issue where survey could redirect the user back to the Portal upon survey completion if no exit page was provided

  • Corrected error when navigating from Product Scores to Scale explorer when a Benchmark Group is being compared

  • Corrected issue where main menu items were not rendered on iPad device in landscape mode

  • Corrected issue where logout menu item was not present in main menu of mobile devices

  • Corrected issue on survey where GetText was configured as required but allowed user to skip

  • Corrected issue on survey where next button was disabled in Demographics scales after responses were supplied

  • Several minor UI revisions