AfterWords 19.05.01 is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Added Product Scores report

    • Bypass scale list when only one scale is present

    • Item Rating scales are no longer broken down per item

  • Portal

    • Scales

      • Created ‘Promoter Rating’ scale type to be used for Net Promoter

  • Survey

    • Survey has new design and is more mobile responsive

    • Error messages will scroll into view when the ‘next’ button is clicked

    • Comments are supported for each list item in a scale



  • Corrected a bug in condition logic

  • Corrected a bug when creating Scales related to max choice value

  • Corrected a bug where Store users could select Group Scores as their default report

  • Corrected UI bugs in Portal

  • Corrected UI bugs in Survey