AfterWords is now live in production

Please find release notes below.


  • Reporting

    • All Reports list

      • Added all reports to the grid

      • Added Campaign type to the grid

      • Added support for searching grid results

      • Allow grid to be filtered by Campaign type

    • Group Scores

      • Several UI enhancements

      • Updated grid sorting

    • General

      • Improved drill through consistency so previously selected tuner/cross-filter settings get re-applied as drill up/down

      • Added ‘No answer’ slicer option

      • Default Store Selection lookup value according to user’s preference

  • Portal

    • Campaigns

      • Preview tab displays Campaign structure with a nested tree control

      • ‘Test Survey’ action added to overflow menu

      • Removed ‘Instance’ measurement period for Campaigns

    • Stores

      • Renamed ‘Reporting Groups’ to ‘Collections’

    • Navigation

      • Removed individual reports from main navigation. Now the ‘Reports’ menu item takes you to the ‘All Reports’ list

      • ‘Surveys’ group renamed to ‘Manage Surveys’

    • User Preferences

      • Added Default Dashboard Report selection to User Preferences

  • Survey

    • Capture skipped questions



  • Corrected issues where comments where not displayed on Survey Details report during certain circumstances

  • Do not show permission group lookup in user preferences for single select users

  • Corrected issue during item import when POS items contained trailing spaces

  • Corrected EOD receipt import start time calculation

  • Corrected scrolling on IPad with long edit forms

  • General UI fixes