AfterWords Is Now Live In Production

Enhancements for this release include:


  • Scale List Report

    • Product Index Scale List Report supports extracted Item Names

    • Scale List Report is sorted

    • Removed score display from this report

    • Do not render Scales that did not have any responses

  • Campaigns

    • Only one demographic scale can be added to a campaign

    • Removed ability to create Get Info Scales

    • Conditions can be defined on individual list choices for Matrix Scales

  • Survey

    • Validation of email addresses on Survey

  • General

    • All times displayed in UI no longer converted from UTC. Now they display exactly the time that is stored, which is relative to store’s local times

    • “As of Date” tuner labels updated to specify “Survey as of Date” or “Visit as of Date”

    • WhatFix scripts added for dev/prod environments

    • CBS NorthStar integration

  • Settings

    • New pages to control Survey and Portal settings

    • Controlled with new “Settings” permission

    • Migrated Survey Label functionality to Survey Settings

    • Email routing configuration setup in Portal Settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected UI issues in Customer Recovery Email

  • Corrected issues with main menu not scrolling when viewed on IPad

  • Allow international phone numbers on survey

  • Corrected issues with character counter in comment box

  • Corrected rounding issues when displaying different from goal badges

  • Home dashboard now defaults to yesterday

  • Corrected index calculations so the same divisors are used across different reports

  • Corrected issue where 11 choice ribbon scales was not rendering to fit smaller device screens

  • Corrected issues in Condition calculations

  • Several general UI improvements