AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Removed tabs from Scale Explorer report and added comment tooltip to the survey grid under the chart

    • Added comment icon to Surveys, Recoveries, Customer Recovery Value grids if any comments were present

    • Contact email and phone number will open native email/phone support on Survey Details report

    • Renamed ‘Recovery Log’ to ‘Notes’ in Survey Details report and allow saving of multiple Notes

  • Portal

    • Added new tuner option in Items list to filter only on ungrouped items

    • Reporting Index selection is now required for Item Rating and Rating scale types

    • Simplified user creation by combining Scope/Store/Permission Group selectors into single selection

    • Automatically assign scores to newly created scales that contribute to a reporting index

    • Simplification of Provider setup

Bug Fixes

  • Several UI fixes & enhancements

  • Fixed issue where bars no longer appear in Scale Explorer report after the chart was hidden

  • Fixed issue where tooltip in Main/Loyalty/Perception reports would disappear if hovered over

  • Fixed UI issues in report rendering when switching between landscape and portrait mode on tablets

AfterWords is now live in production.


Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Added expand/collapse group functionality to Group Scores report

    • Added ability to hide/show charts on reports that have charts and grids

  • Portal

    • Campaign Preview tab will always render full Campaign instead of current scope

    • Allow SMS Phone number to be updated from User edit form

    • Newly created Promoter Rating scales will have defaulted choice labels, reporting index and scores automatically set

  • Survey

    • Moved Not Applicable and Add Comment links outside of ellipses menu so they are always visible

Bug Fixes

  • Several UI enhancements

  • Fixed issue where users with only one assigned Permission could not access any pages

  • Fixed issue where Choice Display field in scale maintenance was always visible

  • Fixed issue where ‘?’ was not considered a valid special character on the Change Password form in Profile pages

  • Fixed issue where user would still receive Alert notifications for stores they were no longer actively assigned to

  • Fixed issue where archiving demographic list items would reset the Slicer value

  • Fixed issue on survey where selected choice text was not displayed for Promoter Rating scale

  • Fixed issue on survey where vertical scrolling was not smooth on mobile devices

AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Survey

    • Optimized receipt fetch to check internal storage as well as Cloud POS and return data from whichever is fastest

  • Portal

    • Manage Alerts

      • Alerts are now grouped by Event for multi-store users

      • Add ability to select/deselect all Alerts for the store or event

      • Added display of total alerts selected for each store or event

      • Filtered list of events to only include non-reporting only events

    • User Preferences

      • Removed ‘Notification preference’ field and made phone number optional

      • Renamed ‘Phone number’ to ‘International phone number’

      • Removed the ‘+’ prefix from phone number entry


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected incorrect stores returned in Manage Alerts if user has ‘Assign to any’ permission

  • Corrected response rate calculations in Group Scores report

  • Corrected error in Product Scores report when user’s Default Reporting Campaign does not include an Item Rating scale

  • Corrected issue where survey could redirect the user back to the Portal upon survey completion if no exit page was provided

  • Corrected error when navigating from Product Scores to Scale explorer when a Benchmark Group is being compared

  • Corrected issue where main menu items were not rendered on iPad device in landscape mode

  • Corrected issue where logout menu item was not present in main menu of mobile devices

  • Corrected issue on survey where GetText was configured as required but allowed user to skip

  • Corrected issue on survey where next button was disabled in Demographics scales after responses were supplied

  • Several minor UI revisions

AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Number of date labels and sales/traffic bar charts are limited on the Date tab of Main/Loyalty/Perception reports when looking back 28 days or 7 weeks

    • Updated response rate goal calculation when method is set to fixed count

    • Updated UI of Group Scores report to closer match UI of Product Scores report

    • Tuner menu apply/cancel button are visible when drilled into nested menus

  • Portal

    • Updated navigation back button logic

    • Removed all menu items except reporting when accessing on mobile devices

    • Added Manage Alerts page to User Profile pages. Email and SMS alerts available for all users, not just single store users

    • Updated Alert distribution logic to use configuration from Manage Alerts pages

AfterWords is now live in production

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • New UI for Main report

      • Loyalty/Perception Index scores are now rendered as a line graph and appear in the middle of the report

      • Sales/Traffic numbers  are not rendered as bar charts and appear at the bottom of the report

    • New UI for Loyalty/Perception Report

      • Index Score bar replaced with new Gauge component

      • Loyalty/Perception Index scores are now rendered as a line graph and appear at the top of the report

      • Sales/Traffic numbers  are not rendered as bar charts and appear at the bottom of the report

    • SMS sending through new 800 number

      • This should help prevent Sprint/ATT carriers from blocking delivery of our SMS alerts

  • Survey

    • Added AfterWords Privacy Policy to the first page of the Survey


  • Corrected an issue where Ungrouped Items group would be incorrectly populated

  • Corrected an issue that prevented some reports to cut off the bottom axis when Tuner Details panel is displayed

  • Tuner Details state is now reset when the user logs out

  • Corrected an issue where some read only single select form fields could be changed by tabbing through the form

  • Corrected an issue where Overflow Menu was not displayed immediately after creating a Campaign

  • General UI improvements

AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Top summary row of Main report has updated UI

  • Portal

    • Added Survey Setup labels for controlling the overflow menu text on the survey

  • Survey

    • Added labels support for overflow menu options


Corrected an issue where Scale Explorer report was incorrectly showing the comment icon for every survey

  • Corrected some UI defects in grid component

  • Corrected an issue in the survey where the ‘next’ button indicator was incorrectly showing as disabled when input was valid

  • Corrected issue in Product Explorer report where the ‘Ungrouped items’ group contained grouped items

AfterWords is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Added Tuner Summary toggle to all reports

    • Product Scores report

      • Added click through for Item scores to the Scale Explorer report

      • Added expand/collapse functionality for Item Groups

      • Removed items and groups that had no responses

  • Portal

    • Removed WhatFix scripts

    • Removed ‘Survey items’ and ‘Unused items’ built-in Item Groups

    • Added ‘Ungrouped items’ built-in Item Group



  • Corrected issue saving non-US Stores

  • Dashboard link in main navigation now navigates user to their Default report

  • Corrected issue where Conditions page could not be scrolled

  • Corrected some calculations of Scores and Response counts in Product Scores report

AfterWords 19.05.01 is now live in production.

Release notes are below:


  • Reporting

    • Added Product Scores report

    • Bypass scale list when only one scale is present

    • Item Rating scales are no longer broken down per item

  • Portal

    • Scales

      • Created ‘Promoter Rating’ scale type to be used for Net Promoter

  • Survey

    • Survey has new design and is more mobile responsive

    • Error messages will scroll into view when the ‘next’ button is clicked

    • Comments are supported for each list item in a scale



  • Corrected a bug in condition logic

  • Corrected a bug when creating Scales related to max choice value

  • Corrected a bug where Store users could select Group Scores as their default report

  • Corrected UI bugs in Portal

  • Corrected UI bugs in Survey

AfterWords is now live in production

Please find the release notes below:


  • Reporting

    • New Report: Customer Recovery Value

    • Group Scores Report

      • Added standard trailing date options to tuner selection

      • Hide report from navigation for Single Store users

    • Store Collections

      • Renamed Reporting Groups to Collections

      • Added Collections slicers to standard reporting tuner

  • Portal

    • Permission Group preview tab allows click through to edit forms

    • Form fields will be editable or read-only dynamically upon changing status field toggles

    • Added Settings

      • Survey Expiration Limit

      • New Item Import Survey status

  • Survey

    • Limit days in Visit Date dropdown according to Portal Setting



  • Corrected an issue capturing scales that were skipped in survey

  • Corrected Conditions lookups in Campaign Actions when a Condition is based on an archived Scale Action

  • General UI fixes

AfterWords is now live in production

Please find release notes below.


  • Reporting

    • All Reports list

      • Added all reports to the grid

      • Added Campaign type to the grid

      • Added support for searching grid results

      • Allow grid to be filtered by Campaign type

    • Group Scores

      • Several UI enhancements

      • Updated grid sorting

    • General

      • Improved drill through consistency so previously selected tuner/cross-filter settings get re-applied as drill up/down

      • Added ‘No answer’ slicer option

      • Default Store Selection lookup value according to user’s preference

  • Portal

    • Campaigns

      • Preview tab displays Campaign structure with a nested tree control

      • ‘Test Survey’ action added to overflow menu

      • Removed ‘Instance’ measurement period for Campaigns

    • Stores

      • Renamed ‘Reporting Groups’ to ‘Collections’

    • Navigation

      • Removed individual reports from main navigation. Now the ‘Reports’ menu item takes you to the ‘All Reports’ list

      • ‘Surveys’ group renamed to ‘Manage Surveys’

    • User Preferences

      • Added Default Dashboard Report selection to User Preferences

  • Survey

    • Capture skipped questions



  • Corrected issues where comments where not displayed on Survey Details report during certain circumstances

  • Do not show permission group lookup in user preferences for single select users

  • Corrected issue during item import when POS items contained trailing spaces

  • Corrected EOD receipt import start time calculation

  • Corrected scrolling on IPad with long edit forms

  • General UI fixes

AfterWords Is Now Live In Production.

Below are some release notes:


  • Reporting

    • Added Group Scores report (Preview only)

    • Store Selection in reports improved to support nested Permission Group hierarchy

    • Allow tomorrow in ‘As of’ date selections

  • Portal

    • Several main menu navigation changes

    • Save button only visible when changes are detected

    • Removed unnecessary fields in Store/Billing Group maintenance

  • Survey

    • Added sorting to States and Cities drop down lists

  • General

    • Added automatic daylight savings adjustments during data imports

    • Full application upgrade support (no more downtime/potential data loss with deployments)


  • Correct receipt import issues when POS item descriptions contained trailing spaces

  • Added extra validation to ensure there is always a primary campaign

  • Several IPad display fixes

  • General UI fixes

AfterWords Is Now Live In Production

Enhancements for this release include:


  • Scale List Report

    • Product Index Scale List Report supports extracted Item Names

    • Scale List Report is sorted

    • Removed score display from this report

    • Do not render Scales that did not have any responses

  • Campaigns

    • Only one demographic scale can be added to a campaign

    • Removed ability to create Get Info Scales

    • Conditions can be defined on individual list choices for Matrix Scales

  • Survey

    • Validation of email addresses on Survey

  • General

    • All times displayed in UI no longer converted from UTC. Now they display exactly the time that is stored, which is relative to store’s local times

    • “As of Date” tuner labels updated to specify “Survey as of Date” or “Visit as of Date”

    • WhatFix scripts added for dev/prod environments

    • CBS NorthStar integration

  • Settings

    • New pages to control Survey and Portal settings

    • Controlled with new “Settings” permission

    • Migrated Survey Label functionality to Survey Settings

    • Email routing configuration setup in Portal Settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected UI issues in Customer Recovery Email

  • Corrected issues with main menu not scrolling when viewed on IPad

  • Allow international phone numbers on survey

  • Corrected issues with character counter in comment box

  • Corrected rounding issues when displaying different from goal badges

  • Home dashboard now defaults to yesterday

  • Corrected index calculations so the same divisors are used across different reports

  • Corrected issue where 11 choice ribbon scales was not rendering to fit smaller device screens

  • Corrected issues in Condition calculations

  • Several general UI improvements