POS Integration Partners

We are working with cloud-based POS system providers, who serve the restaurant and retail industries, to interface sales transaction detail with our Intelligent Surveys. If you are a restaurant or retail operator, please contact us for a full list of our compatible POS systems. If you are POS system provider who would like to interface with AfterWords, please contact us and we can provide you with our technical requirements.

Current Partners


AfterWords Intelligent Surveys are complimentary to other restaurant or retail systems such as POS systems and Loyalty systems. AfterWords is an intelligent customer survey system that integrates a customer’s sales transaction detail with the survey process. The result is more immediate, insightful and actionable survey results.  We invite you to join us in helping restaurant and retail operators to better understand and take action on what their customers really think.  Our Reseller Program provides revenue generating opportunities for companies to sell and implement the AfterWords platform.

  • Increase Your Revenue – The AfterWords Partner Program is designed to provide you with added recurring revenue from the sale of the software, as well as additional professional service revenue.  These benefits can be enjoyed across your existing customer installation base as well as for sales to new customers.  

  • Compliment Your Products – AfterWords provides restaurant and retail customers an additional way to benefit from the data being generated by Point of Sale (POS), Loyalty, Mobile Payment, and other systems that utilize POS data.  Survey software is a natural and complimentary extension to these systems.   

  • Easy Implementation – AfterWords is extremely easy to sell and service. We provide a pre-configured survey template that enables customers to be up and running almost immediately.  We also include a best practices guide that will help customers expand and better interpret their survey results.

There is no fee to join the AfterWords Partner Program and the application process is easy.  Just contact us to enroll today!