Our Mission

We saw a need for a better survey system, and we have the software experience, skills and resources to build and deliver that system. Our mission at AfterWords is to enable restaurant and retail industry operators to deliver intelligent surveys to your customers. Our intelligent surveys will increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and provide new insight for fine-tuning your operations.

AfterWords is protected by United States Patent Numbers 10,380,611 & 10,430,811.


Context Makes Surveys More Meaningful

AfterWords was founded on the premise that adding “context” to a survey makes it much more meaningful. In a restaurant, context is what location was the respondent at? When? What time of day? What did they purchase… just a drink at happy hour or a full meal? What specific items did they order and who took their order? Without context, survey results are often misleading. With context they become much more insightful and can direct you specifically to what is working or where you can improve. We realized that by combining sales transaction detail with surveys, we could add context. 

Surveys Can Be Positive for All Parties

When we started researching surveys, we learned managers didn’t trust surveys, and customers felt surveys were too long. Restaurant customers didn’t like being asked to identify where they ate, when, what they ordered, or who helped them. They felt the operator should already know. We also learned most surveys focus only on the negative. We decided that a better survey system would track events that are positive like “I loved the bacon burger”, “I really like your service”, etc.  By balancing kudos with concerns, we recognized that we could change the perception that surveys only exist to beat up the service team.


Cloud-Based POS Equals Real-Time Surveys

Our research into surveys also determined that most survey systems are not timely enough to be valuable. They are often days or even weeks after the fact. We realized the shift to cloud-based POS systems enables us to collect a customer’s sales transaction detail and post a survey almost instantaneously. We also realized that fast results, combined with alerts, make it possible for you to initiate fast customer recovery, often while your customer is still on the premises.