The Next Generation in Customer Survey Software 

AfterWords is an intelligent customer survey system that integrates a customer’s sales transaction detail with the survey process. The result is more immediate, insightful and actionable survey results.  We include customer recovery tools so if there is a poor experience, managers are notified and can address it in real time.  Our patent-pending process provides more meaningful survey data, results in less survey abandonment, and provides fast, actionable insights.


Surveys built around the customer experience

AfterWords enables restaurant and retail industry operators to deliver intelligent surveys to your customers. Our intelligent surveys will increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and provide new insight for fine-tuning your operations.


Intelligent surveys combine sales transaction detail with survey data to create more immediate and meaningful survey results. Intelligent surveys also deliver more personalized and relevant surveys to customers.

We ask the right questions at the right time.

“The state-of-the-art technologies leveraged by AfterWords has enabled management to be immediately notified of a customer whose expectations were not met. Our rapid recovery response to the customer has wowed our customers, enabled us to quickly resolve any issue, and has helped underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction.”
— Russell Jasulevich, CEO from Mighty Taco